The Skyland

A Key Allows Making Imagination Real

Akamir is a content platform. It’s a
digital content platform created by the community.
The place will be built for metaverse that creates and imagines contents together.

10,000 crews of The Skyland are gathering and setting sail.
This fellowship will take you to various adventures starting with comics, games, music, goods, parties, and much more.

An Akamir will be an indicator for exploring the new internet era both in the metaverse and real world.
The Skyland flourishes with magical power through community, art, and technology. Draw a line and share values with creators, developers, and enjoyers. The new world is coming.


The core members are in Seoul, Korea.
The team works with webcomics, engineering, crypto to build decentralized IPs of the new world.


I swear to keep three rules that keep in mind.

I will sail in the metaverse together even if there are big waves and storms, no one can stop our journey.document. At the end of the voyage, only a bright future awaits.
I will explore together with various contents and enjoy what we found and created. It will bring us happiness and joy in our journey.
I will build a community that breaks down the wall between the digital and the real world and share all the values we created with other crews.

If I do not violate this oath, may I enjoy metaverse life and art, respected while I live and remembered with affection thereafter.

Ready to onboard?